Your wide and tall windows can invite expansive views of your neighborhoods and allow for ample light to stream into your space, but sometimes the stark look of glass panes can be a little too bare for your interior design.

When your windows are putting the “minimal” in “minimalism” and you’re tired of the glare and lack of control that your sliding glass doors or larger panes of glass can provide, then at DM Interiors & Design, we can help you reimagine your spaces with practical and exquisite vertical blinds from Hunter Douglas that merge form and function seamlessly.

When you choose custom vertical blinds, you can create a dynamic, personalized, and elegant home transformation. Located in Marietta, Georgia, our design team is here to help you. This time, we’re bringing you information about incredibly chic and superbly designed Hunter Douglas vertical blinds, whose versatility promises to uplift your interiors—no matter your interior design style.

Skyline® Panel-Track Blinds Offer Dynamic Impact

Experiencing issues with two-story windows or wide patio doors that seem just too daunting to cover? The unique blend of design and practicality of Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel-Track blinds could be the answer you’re seeking.

Unlike traditional blinds, these panel track blinds do more than control the light that comes into your home. With their wide-spanning, sleek panel design, they add a sophisticated, contemporary vibe to your space. They effortlessly slide to stack neatly aside, allowing you the flexibility to control light and privacy as you deem fit. The clean, crisp lines of Skyline® Panel-Track Blinds create visually appealing patterns, ensuring your window treatments are nothing short of a design statement. Plus, these blinds can be hung from your ceiling and used as room dividers in open-concept spaces, which can create unique areas to break up large open rooms and create private areas for conversation or privacy when you need it, a great flexible way to delineate space in a modern home environment.

See Elegance in Motion with Cadence® Vertical Blinds

Does your room lack character or seem tight and confining? Break free from the mundane vertical blind or drapery options with a combination of both—Hunter Douglas Cadence® Vertical Blinds. Like many vertical panel blinds, they offer a unique opportunity to play with visual height, making your spaces appear taller and more expansive.

The innovative curved vane design of Cadence® Vertical Blinds mimics drapery folds to create inviting, soft light diffusion Choose from a gorgeous palette of fabric or vinyl options to breathe life into your rooms, with a patented headrail that ensures smooth, trouble-free operation with the PermAssure® Safety Wand.

Elegance Meets Functionality with Luminette® Sheer Panels

Striving to create a harmonious balance between natural light and your much-needed privacy? With Hunter Douglas Luminette® Sheer Panels, you will no longer have to compromise one for the other.

These vertical sheer shades juxtapose sheer fabric panels with opaque vertical vanes that rotate along the back of the sheer. This unique design enables the blinds to diffuse sunlight into a soft, warm glow while allowing you the freedom to maintain privacy whenever you desire. The charm of Luminette® Sheer Panels is that you can control light and privacy at the touch of a button, subtly enhancing any room while satisfying your practical need for light and privacy when you need it.

Contact Us to Learn More About Vertical Blinds from Hunter Douglas

When it comes to resolving common design problems like your unadorned patio doors or large windows, the need for privacy control and desire for natural light don’t have to be at odds.

Hunter Douglas vertical blinds, like Skyline® Panel-Track Blinds, Cadence® Vertical Blinds, and Luminette® Sheer Panels, offer unmatched solutions when dealing with large window expanses and sliding glass doors alike.

At DM Interiors & Design, our team is eager to guide you in transforming your space with fine furnishings, custom window coverings, wallpaper, rugs, and so much more, including these innovative and stylish vertical blinds. Visit our showroom in Marietta, GA, give us a call at (770) 424-3025, or contact us online to talk to a talented member of our team about your window treatment project. Remember, with our team by your side, interior design and home decor are not intimidating challenges, but exciting opportunities for transformation.

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